32 places to put stuff

I have a lot of places in which I put things I care about. They all have incredibly discrete functions in which they’re invaluable to me, but they all each have storage capabilities too. There’s also all the physical papers and forms and stuff filed away in a bookcase.

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A small set of apps to keep me creative

There’s something I keep having to remind myself: no matter how little time I have to put into art, I’m still an artist.

Still an artist, still making art. Music’s my medium of choice. Finding time to work on it is hard though, between wedding planning, an increasingly-demanding day job, other side projects – when can I play or write some music, dammit?

Short, obvious answer: block my time like nobody’s business. That at least gets me time dedicated to working on the things I want to be working on. Once I’m there, how can I explore purely creative ideas and save them when my brain is full of all this other stuff? Equally short, equally obvious answer: technology helps me. But how?

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Unabashed love for Trello (wasting time for productivity, part two)

I always sort of knew this, but it recently hit me just how much writing there is on productivity, GTD and task management apps post-iPhone. So many opinions of so many apps leveraging so many tactics. On top of that, plenty of rebuttals of technology-as-productivity and reminders that “pen and paper always works.” So I’ve…

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